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Being a food lover, there are quite a few food blogs that I follow to get inspiration for recipes. Some are directed toward Weight Watchers followers, others are not. All are worth checking out if you love delicious food. There are also a few other blogs that I follow simply for entertainment purposes.

Food Blogs

  • Emily Bites
    • My hands-down favorite Weight Watchers blog. There have been very few recipes that I’ve tried off of this site that I haven’t totally fallen in love with.
  • Skinnytaste
    • A veritable smorgasbord of healthy and tasty recipes. I think I’ve pinned more of her recipes on my Pinterest boards than any other site and I’m slowly but surely making my way through.
  • LaaLoosh
    • Weird name but great food. Also very Weight Watchers friendly. She gives the nutritional information for all her recipes along with the WW Points.
  • Skinny Kitchen
    • The last of my Weight Watchers blogs. A simple site with just recipes and very little actual blogging. I love that she gives you shopping tips as well as giving you the “Skinny Facts” of her recipes versus the “Fat Facts” of well-known foods that compare.
  • Life in the Lofthouse
    • She’s a recipe creator for Pillsbury, but that is not the only place where her talents lie. Her recipe index is a dream come true.
  • Mother Thyme
    • A stay-at-home mom with twins, you can bet her recipes are simple and delicious (and often picky-eater friendly).
  • Table for Two
    • A great site full of recipes that won’t give you 6 weeks worth of leftovers. Considering I usually only cook for 2 people, it’s very much appreciated!
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction
    • If you’re looking for every kind of dessert recipe imaginable to be available in one place, look no further. This blog is it. She gets a little fancy with her recipes sometimes, but every dessert I’ve made so far has been amazing.
  • Annie’s Eats
    • The home of my favorite enchilada recipe. I would follow her to the ends of the earth, all because of this one recipe. The rest of her stuff is pretty yummy too!
  • The Pioneer Woman
    • Ree Drummond’s blog, of Food Network fame. Do not come here looking for light & healthy recipes. But if you want hearty casseroles or desserts with lots of butter, you’ve come to the right place. This is comfort food at it’s finest.


Other Blogs I Follow

  • The Bloggess
    • If you love awkward humor, taxidermy, or swearing, this is the blog for you. I read a post about how the author got her husband a giant metal chicken named Beyonce for their 15th anniversary and I was hooked. I’ve been loving her blog and laughing way too hard at her stories ever since.
  • Amalah
    • I first discovered Amalah on a blog called Alpha Mom. She wrote a week-by-week pregnancy calendar that had me giggling at my desk and continues to write an advice column called Advice Smackdown that covers pretty much any mommy question you can think of. This led me to her personal blog, where I fell down a veritable rabbit hole. I started at the beginning (way back to 2004) and have spent countless hours reading every blog post she’s written (god I sound like a stalker). Regardless, she’s hysterical and I can’t get enough of her.
  • The Anti-Diet Project
    • This one is a recent find. It’s one woman’s journey through letting go of dieting and embracing the body she was given. Kelsey was stuck in a never-ending diet loop and realized that what she truly needed to do was trust herself to know her own body. She is smart, funny, and oh-so incredibly spot on when it comes to describing a typical woman thoughts about food, exercise, and her own body. A must read for those of you struggling with dieting, body image, or self-doubt.